What to expect...

Have you ever been invited to a party, only to find out when you got there that it's a costume party?  Or that all of the guests were expected to bring their own beef?  Or that you're expected to give a speech of some kind?  Don't worry, nothing like that is ever going to happen to you at NCC.  But we understand that a lot of people fear the worst when they enter a new setting.  So this page is designed to help diffuse some of those fears.  The more you know about NCC before you come, the less of a "cultural gap" you will experience when you walk through the doors.

  • When you walk in

    When you come to New Community Church you will quickly find a warm, friendly group of people committed to making your experience with God exciting, life-changing, and enjoyable.  Someone will hand you a bulletin with some announcements & sermons notes on it.  And there will be plenty of way-finding signs to figure out where you're going.

  • Dress code

    Come dressed however you’re most comfortable!  Some people prefer going to church in a suit while others prefer jeans, flip flops & a t-shirt-- we’ll accept you either way (just make sure you’re wearing something).  One thing we've discovered, however, is that because our gathering is in the evening, most people find it very natural to dress casually.

  • what the services are like

    There’s something for the whole family. Our adult services include wonderful, contemporary worship, a time of relevant, biblical teaching, prayer, and once a month we incorporate communion into our time of worship.  And as serious as we are about our relationships with God, we also believe that the Kingdom of God is a party... so everything we do is clothed in humor and laughter.

  • Kids Ministries

    If you choose to experience the service without your kids being a potential distraction for you, then you can check them into our nursery/preschool or into J-Kidz (for ages 6-11).  So the Adult Service and the kids' gatherings all run simultaneously; they all begin at 5:00 PM, followed by dinner @ 6:00 PM.

  • Dinner

    As soon as the service is over, we roll out the tables and have lunch together. Lunch is provided by the church (so don’t feel that you have to bring anything-- just come and enjoy!).