who we are

It's not the "Why" that makes us unique, but the "How."  Why does New Community Church exist?  Like every other Christian church in the world, we exist to bring glory to God.  How does NCC go about bringing glory to God?  Well, that's a fun question to answer.  We're glad you asked!

We believe a few things about the nature of God, and that has everything to do with how we do what we do.  First of all, we believe that God loves it when we celebrate.  In the Old Testament God commanded a ton of feasts and festivals; in the New Testament Jesus was always the life of the party; in the early church their gatherings always included an “agape meal.”  You can’t get away from it: all throughout Scripture God loved a good, wholesome celebration.  This is why it’s a travesty when people sit through church bored.  At New Community Church we love to laugh, we love to feast, we love to celebrate, and we love to operate as if the Kingdom of God is a party.

Secondly, we believe that our message has to sound like good news when people hear it.  Religion is full of good advice; the gospel is literally “good news.”  Religion is summed up in the word DO; the gospel is summed up in the word DONE.  Religion says you need to do more sacrificing in order for God to love you; the gospel says the ultimate sacrifice to make God love you was done on the cross.  Religion says you need to do more stuff if you want to be perfect; good news says the only person who lived a perfect life was Jesus, and His perfection can be credited to your account.  Religion exhausts you; good news makes you feel better when you hear it.  If you need the gospel in a nutshell it’s this: you are more sinful that you could ever dare hope, but you are more loved by God than you could ever dare imagine.  So at New Community if it sounds like our “needle is stuck” and we talk too much about the love of God, then it’s because we believe you get beat up enough by guilt throughout the week by life & religion, and the last place you need to feel beat up is at church.

Thirdly, We believe in loving people more for who they are than for what they can become.  So often you hear people say, “He’s a good guy, if only...” or, “She’s got great potential, but...”  And then they end those sentences with a negative statement about someone.  That’s a cancer called “conditional love.”  Yes, people are broken and frail, and yes, people have “warts” and scarred pasts. We’re discovering that it’s God’s kindness that brought US to repentance (Romans 2:4), so in response we strive to show that same unconditional love to others.

Fourthly, our order is "Belong-Believe-Behave."   Many institutions (whether religious or political or social or educational, etc.) non-verbally tell you, “If you behave like us, and if you believe like us, then you can belong to us.”  Our church likes to reverse that value system by saying, “Belong to us first, and if your belief system changes, then great.  And if your behavior follows, then that’s even better.”  In the same way that God loved us even while we were still sinners (Romans 5:8), we’re trying to love each other unconditionally even while wearing our “broken halos.”  Church gets messy when you start accepting broken people, but truth be told, we think that that’s they way Jesus would do it.