Meet David & Melissa

Both David & Melissa were raised as “MKs” (missionary kids) in Argentina-- David’s parents were Assemblies of God missionaries there, and Melissa’s parents were Southern Baptist missionaries.  (If you'd like to learn a little more about each of those church organizations check out and  David & Melissa dated in high school, then went their separate ways for college.  David went to North Central University in Minneapolis, and Melissa went to Palm Beach Atlantic College in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Shortly after they graduated, they got married and immediately served as youth/associate pastors in Ogden, Utah.  During that time, David & Melissa discovered 2 things about Utah: 1) that they absolutely loved Utah & wanted to live here long-term, and 2) that Utah County had a very large population, but had very few Evangelical Christian churches.  In 2001, God called the Nicholsons to move to Springfield, Missouri, so David could “sharpen his tools” and finish his Master’s degree at the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary.  But all the while they sensed a stirring in their hearts that when their season in Springfield was over, that God would want them to return to Utah.  And when that time would come, they knew that they would be ministering in Utah County. In April of 2005 David & Melissa “parachuted” into Eagle Mountain, where they simply loved and served their community, started making friends, and a little over a year later God led them to start holding church services. As the congregation grew, it became necessary to move to different buildings that could meet the church’s needs. Currently they meet on the 3rd floor of the Trail Plaza Office Building: 555 S. State Street, Orem (See the "Location" Page).

There are three descriptions about David & Melissa that define who they are and how they do ministry: The first is that they minister incarnationally.  In other words, there’s no “ivory tower” at New Community, where the pastor is on a pedestal & is unapproachable.  Dave & Melissa are always excited about bringing people into their lives, they love inviting people into their home, they can almost always be reached on their cell phones, and even though going with people on a spiritual journey is often messy, they’ve always believed that it’s worth it.  In the same way that Jesus “became flesh and dwelt among us” (John 1:14), the Nicholsons believe that it takes more than just telling people about the love of God.  It takes getting close enough to people to show them God’s love in tangible ways.

Secondly, they are all about sharing the gospel in a way that’s understandable.  They’ve found that too often people like to share their thoughts without taking into consideration how it’s being received. The fancy word for this is “contextualization.”  Whether it’s how they share the gospel at New Community Church, or in their one-on-one conversations, the Nicholsons believe it’s vital to always be sensitive to the culture & the mindset of their target audience.

Thirdly, they are grace-givers.  David & Melissa love to forgive, they love to give people second chances, and they strive to extend the kind of unconditional love that God has extended to them.

The Nicholson fam

Over the years, God has blessed David & Melissa with 3 incredible kids: Nathan, Zachary, and Naomi.